Avian Balloon Corporation
(509) 928-6847, or 926-1368
Spokane Valley, WA
Hot Air Balloon Rides
This business started in 1974.  Owner Forey Walter, weaves baskets, builds burner systems, and sews balloon envelopes. 
Prices:  Flights:  $200/person for a two-and-a-half to three-hour ride.  Balloons can fly when the weather is good from the latter part of June, when the weather finally settles down, until mid-October.  

Young Eagle Rides Flying School
Felts Field
6105 E. Rutter Avenue
Spokane Valley, WA  
Free airplane ride for 250 kids during the summer.  Children ages 8 thru 17. 
Register at:  http://www.youngeagles.eaa79.org   (Space is limited)