College and University Classes

Following is an example of the large variety of classes offered in Spokane's higher institutions of education. 

For more information, see "Colleges and Universities" on this site. 

Community Colleges of Spokane
Crafts & Hobbies:  Basket-making, Calligraphy, Knitting, picture framing, Wood-shop
Dance:  Tango, Social, Ballroom, Swing
Fine Arts:  Pottery, Watercolor
Languages:  French, Italian, Russian, Spanish
Music:  Acoustic Guitar, Concert band, Music appreciation
Photography:  Digital camera, photography
Writing:  Business, Marketing, Self-publishing, Writing for Magazine/Internet/Children
Food & Wine:  Vegetarian, Southern, Cupcakes, Seafood, Low-Fat, Pies, Soups
Fun & Games:  target shooting
Home & Garden:  Beekeeping, Organic, Pruning, Landscape, Sprinklers
Sports & Fitness:  Exercise, Lifeguard training, Pilates, Swimming, Yoga, Tai Chi
Legal & Money Matters: Estate planning, Money management, Investing
Parenting:  Homeschooling, Adolescents, Assisting aging parents
Self-Improvement:  Making decisions, Achieving success,
Wellness:  Managing pain, Healthy eating, Meditation, Guided Imagery

Seniors Programs:   (509) 279-6027
Art:  Acrylics, Ceramics, Portrait, Watercolor, Drawing, Oils, Pastels,
Communications:  Poetry, Writing your life story
Computers:  Greeting cards, computer/internet basics, Facebook, Photoshop
Fitness:  Aerobics, Aquatics, Oriental healing arts, Back fitness, gentle exercise
Humanities:  Movies as literature, WWII, Dead Sea scrolls
Languages:  French, Spanish

Work:  Marketing, Fundraising, Marketing, Grant writing, Resumes, Job Search
Careers & Certifications:  CPR/First Aid, Tax course, CDL, Phlebotomy, Catering
Computers:  Basics, Craigslist, Ebay, Videos, Excel, Genealogy, Word, Quickbooks
Teacher Education:  K-12 learning materials, Classroom discipline

ACT 2   (formerly Seniors Program)
Community Colleges of Spokane
Institute for Extended Learning
2917 W. Ft. George Wright Dr.
Spokane, WA   99224
(509) 279-6027