Community Gardens

Community Gardens bless both
the gardener and the receiver. 
  • Neighbors enjoy working together, and becoming better friends.

  • Everyone enjoys sharing with those in need.

  • Prices for garden beds vary between $25 and $35 for a growing season. Some community gardens will negotiate a bed price on a sliding scale depending on a person's income. 
What You Can Do
  • Participate in a community garden.   Contact a community garden to reserve a garden space for you. 

  • Plan a community garden.

    • Talk with friends and neighbors, sharing your idea and asking them to join you.
    • Assess the skills and resources within your group (construction, fencing, gardening knowledge, fundraising, leadership).
    • Hold a public meeting for the entire community to invite their participation. 
    • Establish rules, appoint a manager and determine how to register participants. 
    • Raise money and gather needed materials to build the garden. 
    • Design the garden.  The soil in raised beds warms quickly in the summer. 
    • Purchase soil and fertilizer. 

  • Real Food Spokane.  Learn about nutrition, gardening, farmers markets, and ways you can get involved in making fresh, local food available to area residents and institutions.  For more information, contact
    Natalie Tauzin
    Spokane Regional Health District
    Food Access Coalition
    (509) 324-1659

Local Organizations
Additional Resources
Spokane Community Gardens
(A program of Spokane Regional Health District and
WSU Spokane County Extension) 

Airway Heights Community Garden
924 S. Lawson Street
Airway Heights, WA   99001
Contact:  JC Kennedy
(509) 244-4845

Ash Street Community Sunshine Garden
1526 S. Ash St.
Spokane, WA  

Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church Community Garden
4320 S. Conklin Street
Spokane, WA   99203
Contact:  Tom Lucke
(509) 448-6064

Commons Community Garden
3230 S. Lamonte Street
Spokane, WA   99203
(behind Sacajawea Middle School)
Contact:  Dennis Anderson
(509) 747-5562

Community Sunshine Garden
1512 S. Ash Street
Spokane, WA   992903
Contact:  Wanda Daehlin

Corky Garden
4414 N. Sommer Road
Spokane Valley , WA  

Earth Turners
1500 W. Water Street
Spokane, WA   992901
Contact:  Taylor Weech
(509) 209-2603

East Central Community Garden
533 South Ray Street
Spokane, WA   99202
Contact:  Alexandra
(509) 535-4838

East Valley School Farm and Community Garden
15711 E. Wellesley Avenue
Spokane, WA   99216
Contact:  Lynette Romney
(509) 230-9436

Edgecliff Community Garden
(program of Spokane Valley Partners)
110 S. Elizabeth Road
Spokane Valley, WA
(509) 927-1153, Ext 34

Emmanuel Lutheran
314 S. Spruce St.
Spokane, WA

Episcopal Church of the Resurrection

15319 E. 8th Avenue
Spokane Valley, WA  
(509) 926-6450
Call to reserve a plot.  Cost is $35 for a 4x16 foot raised bed; or $20 for a bed half that size.  Automatic water is included in the price. 

Fairview and Hemlock Community Garden
3128 N. Hemlock Street
Spokane, WA   99205
Contact:  Bob Sloma
(509) 328-2523

Fancher Road Community Garden
2215 N. Fancher Road
Spokane, WA   99212
Contact:  Jeremy McClintock and Joel Keener

Fertile Ground
Court Arthur Apartments
1116 E. 30th Avenue
Spokane, WA 

Fresh Start Community Gardens
(sponsored by Spokane Valley Partners)
11202 E. Mission Ave.
Spokane Valley, WA (click on "services" 

Grant Park Community Garden
1300 E. 9th Avenue
Spokane, WA   99202
Contact:  Julie Postma
(206) 245-9141

Hifumi En Apartments
926 E. Eighth Avenue
Spokane, WA  

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
2511 S. Pines Road
Spokane Valley, WA   99206
Contact:  Leslie Knight
(509) 443-3761

Mountain Gear Corporate Headquarters
6021 E. Mansfield Avenue
Spokane Valley, WA

Northeast Community Center Garden
Corner of Liberty Avenue and Lacey Street
3302 N. Lacey St.
Spokane, WA  99207
Contact:  Tracy Swank
(509) 487-1603

Pumphouse Community Garden
2119 E. Hoffman Avenue
(Hoffman and Crestline)
Spokane, WA  99207
Contact:  Donna Fagan

Pumpkin Patch Community Garden
3600 N. Argonne Road
Spokane, WA   99206
Contact:  Teresa Sadler
(509) 924-2350
Near STA stop #94

Riverfront Farms
2605 W. Boone Ave.
Spokane, WA  

Rocky Hill Park Community Garden
22710 E. Country Vista Drive
Liberty Lake, WA   99019
(509) 755-6726
Contact:  Michelle Griffin

Salvation Army Community Garden
222 E. Indiana Avenue
Spokane, WA   99207
Contact:  Ryan Rodriguez
(509) 329-2753

Spokane Valley Partners Community Gardens
Mission Avenue and Pierce Road
(behind south parking lot of Valley Mission Park)
Spokane Valley, WA
(509) 927-1153, Ext 34

Twin Owls
6912 E. Random Point Lane
Browne’s Mountain
Spokane, WA

United Church of Christ Community Garden
611 N. Progress Road
Spokane Valley, WA   99037  (Veradale)
Contact:  Becky Knapp
(509) 926-1467
Rev. Linda Crowe
(509) 926-7173

West Central Community Garden
1815 W. Gardiner Avenue
Spokane, WA   99201
Contact:  Lanny and Mahli Burrill

(updated July 2012)