Crime Prevention

What You Can Do
  • Attend community safety workshops to increase your awareness of local issues, learn about local crime fighting resources, and how to prevent crime.   
  • Become a Citizen WATCH-DOG!   Help fight crime.  Remember - the primary line of defense in our community is not the police - it is the eyes and ears of you and your neighbors.  Observe unusual activities in your neighborhood.  Write down license plates.  Look out your windows before you go to bed at night, and report any suspicious activity.  Be watchful and report suspicious activity to your community SCOPE or COPS office. 

  • If you see something unusual, say something!  If you see If you see someone who is spending more time looking at police and surveillance cameras, rather than the event you are attending, tell someone.  They may be a criminal - or a terrorist!  
  • Parents.  Teach your children by your example to respect and obey the law, and the consequences of breaking the law.  Do not permit them to drive without a license, break the fireworks law, fish or hunt without a license, etc.  Allowing them to break any laws will send a message to them that laws are optional.  
  • Remember:  Criminals are grown in communities, not in jails.   Our entire community can work together to achieve public safety.  Attend community safety workshops to increase your awareness of local issues, learn about local crime fighting resources, and how to prevent crime.   
  • Take a self-defense class.  
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  • Obtain FREE gun locks at S.C.O.P.E. stations.  
  • Crime Prevention Presentations.  Arrange a crime prevention class or presentation by calling (509) 477-6044 for unincorporated Spokane County, or (509) 477-2592 for the city of Spokane Valley.

  • National Night Out Against Crime.  If you want to feel safer where you live, get to know your neighbors, and watch out for each other.  This program, part of Block Watch and Neighborhood Watch programs, helps prevent and solve crimes in area neighborhoods.  For more information, call (509) 477-3055, visit a COPS shop, or call Spokane COPS at (509) 835-4572.  
Then, organize a Night Out party in your neighborhood.   Gather for backyard barbeques or ice-cream socials to meet your neighbors and members of local law enforcement.  Register your party through law enforcement, and request a law enforcement officer to attend.  
  • Neighborhood felons.  Protect your children by viewing a website which reveals neighbors convicted of felony crimes.  View  Enter your address, and your neighborhood map will pop up.  Every place you see a red balloon or thumb tack is the home of a convicted felon.  Place your mouse over one of the red icons to reveal the felon's name and the crime he was convicted of.  
  • Elect mayors and councilmen/women who make public safety and law enforcement a priority.  
  • Promote and support tougher laws and penalties for Spokane as we put criminals and all citizens on notice.  
  • Reduce Shoplifting.  Post large black/orange signs (like "For Sale" signs) in local stores, that say:  
Ride in a police car
for each person
who shoplifts in Spokane !

  • View crime information including crime stats, crime alerts and crime reports in Spokane County at  Track crime in your own neighborhood.  Count the number and types of crimes which occur in Spokane every day.
  • Serve on Jury Duty.  When the opportunity arises to participate in the important role a juror plays in our community and nation's judicial system, make the personal sacrifices to serve.  
  • FBI's Most Wanted People.  Protect your family, our community, and the nation by helping the FBI catch those who are wanted for crimes against children, terrorism, fugitives, and others.  You can also help reunite missing persons of all ages with their loved ones. Rewards are offered in some cases.  
  • America's Most Wanted.  View photos of missing children, missing persons, and fugitives.  
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