DUI Penalty

DUI's in Washington State.  Washington State law requires anyone arrested for a second DUI charge be taken to jail.  Prosecution will result in an interlock system to be installed on the suspect's car within 5 days of release.  The suspect will be required to submit to daily testing for alcohol and drugs, plus electronic monitoring of people convicted of multiple drunken-driving offenses as an alternative to incarceration.  (This bill was sponsored by Senator Mike Padden, R-Spokane Valley.  Gov. Jay Inslee called these tougher DUI standards "an important step in saving more lives."  Olympia, June 2013)

Declining Breath Tests.  Spokane County has a zero-tolerance task force called “Refusing to be Refused.”  Anyone who declines a breath test will have a judge called on the spot, and a warrant will be issued for a blood draw within minutes.  More than 80% of drunk drivers in the U.S. refuse to take a breath test.  Those who refuse in Spokane County will be hauled off to jail.