Food Banks
Second Harvest Food Bank
(Regional food distribution center)

Feeding 55,000 people each week,
including children, families and seniors.

The Kitchen is Second Harvest's community kitchen, set up to help teach low-income families to stretch their food dollar while eating healthy. 
  • Scratch cooking lessons
  • Recipe testing
  • Nutrition education
  • Cooking demonstrations, with fresh produce and the products you receive at the food bank.
  • Meal sampling
  • New cooking skills.  
People who receive some of their food from a food bank or free meal site, or anyone who simply wants to learn to cook healthy and inexpensively, is invited to sign up for a cooking class. 

To donate, volunteer, sign-up for a class, or learn more about The Kitchen, visit

The Kitchen at Second Harvest
1234 E. Front Avenue
Spokane, WA   99202
(509) 534-6678

Food Banks in Spokane County are listed below. 

  • Our regional demographics indicate that 38% of emergency food clients are children, 5% are seniors, 42% of households include at least one employed adult, 67% of households report income below the federal poverty level, and 32% of households have at least one member in poor health.  (Hunger in America 2010 study, Feeding America)  
  • Second Harvest Answers:  

    • They distribute more than 2 million pounds of donated food each month to partner programs to help 55,000 people in need in 26 counties in Eastern Washington and North Idaho.

    • Free food goes to 250 food banks, meal sites and other hunger-relief programs that feed hungry people across a service territory that spans 26 counties.

    • In 2014, students in 71 schools who were facing chronic food shortages at home, received 99,393 weekend food packs to take home.       

    • They direct 98% of all donations, including in-kind gifts, toward collecting, transporting, warehousing and distributing food for people in need.

    • Items that are most appreciated, are those that are shelf-stable.  Most popular item:  peanut butter. 

    • There is a connection between hunger and obesity.  Often the calories that are most affordable are not the ones you should overindulge in. 

    • Food donated to Second Harvest goes out to neighborhood agencies at no cost. 
      (Distributing hope, by correspondent Michael Guilfoil, The Spokesman-Review, Nov. 17, 2013)

    • In the Inland Northwest, 1 in 7 people struggles with hunger; 1 in 4 children faces chronic food shortages at home; and on average, these families are at risk of missing 5 meals a week.  (Feeding America - May the Meal Gap) 
What You Can Do
  • Donate food to any of 21 local food pantries in Spokane County.  For the most current list of Food Banks, the days and hours they are open, visit, and click on "Get Help."

Local Organizations
Additional Resources
Second Harvest

Second Harvest  is a distribution center, moving donated food throughout the region.

Neighborhood food banks are typically based in churches or community organizations, and are directly involved in handout out food. 

Usual Requirements for Using Food Bank Services
  1. Must be over 18.
  2. Have picture identification.
  3. Current proof of address: power bill, current rent receipt.
  4. Social Security cards for household members.
  5. You may be turned away if you do not go to the food
    bank that services your zip code. 

Airway Heights Baptist Church Food Bank

12322 Sunset Highway
Airway Heights, WA  99001
(509) 244-2474

No Appointment Necessary.
Serving clients 2 times per month.  Commodities once a month. 
1st and 3rd Saturday, 10 am - 2 pm.    Please call to verify dates of service. 
Zip Codes served:  99001 (Airway Heights), 99011 (Fairchild AFB, Airway Heights), 99013 (Ford, Spokane County only), 99022 (north of Thorpe), 99029 (Reardan, Spokane County only), 99224 (Eastern Border: east of Cheney-Spokane Rd, east of 195 to I-90, south of I-90 to Grove Rd, and west of Grove Rd; Southern Border: north of Hallett Road from Cheney-Spokane Rd to I-90, south of I-90 to Thorpe, north of Thorpe from I-90 to Craig Road)

Airway Heights Food Bank
       13120 W. 13th
         Airway Heights, WA
         (509) 244-4845

American Indian Community Center

610 E. North Foothills
Spokane, WA  99207
(509) 535-0886

No Appointment Necessary.
Serving clients weekly.  Commodities once a month. 
Tuesday - Thursday:  9 am - 12:00 and 1:00 - 4:30 pm
Zip Codes served:  99202

Better Living Center
25 E. North Foothills Drive
Spokane, WA  99207
(509) 325-1258

Other Services Offered: 
Clothing, Housewares, Bedding and Towels.

No Appointment Necessary.
Serving clients weekly.  Commodities 1 time per month.
Tuesday:  9 am - Noon and 1 - 6 pm
Thursday:  9 am - Noon and 1 - 2 pm
Zip Codes served:  99207 (west of Perry); 99208 (south of Francis; and north of Francis if on a bus route), 99205 (north of Montgomery and east of Monroe)

Caritas Outreach Ministries
1612 W. Dalke Avenue
Spokane, WA   99205
(509) 326-2249

Other Services Offered:  Avista, COS, Necessities, Volunteer Chore

By Appointment ONLY.
Serving clients 1 time per 3-6 months. 
Mon, Wednesday, Thursday:  10 am - 1 pm
Zip Codes served:  99205 (north of Montgomery); 99208 (west of Division, south of Hawthorne); 99026 (Spokane County only); 99218 (west of Division - city of Spokane)

Cheney Food Bank
3rd & C Street
Cheney, WA   99004
(509) 235-2325

No Appointment Necessary.
Serving clients 6 times per year. 
First 4 Wednesdays of each month, 9 am - 12 Noon
Zip Codes served:  99004 (south of I-90), 99014 (Four Lakes), 99020 (Marshall), 99224 (south of Hallett, west of Cheney-Spokane Rd. to Sherman and west of Sherman Road, 99032 (Spokane County only)

Cheney Outreach

          (Wren Pierson Community Center)
          616 3rd Street
          Cheney, WA        
          (509) 235-2325

City Gate Food Pantry
170 S. Madison
Spokane, WA   99201
(509) 455-9670 (message) 

Other Services Offered:  Clothing Bank by appt., Soup Kitchen, please
By Appointment ONLY.   
Serving clients weekly.  Commodities 1 time per month. 
Tuesday - Friday, 10 am - Noon and 12:30 - 2:30 pm, by appointment ONLY
Zip Codes served:  99201 (south of the River), 99204, 99224 (north of I-90 and east of Grove Road)

Cleone's Closet

13514 Sunset Hwy
Spokane, WA   99208
(509) 244-6215

No Appointment Necessary.
Serving Clients weekly.  Commodities once a month. 
Tuesday - Friday, 12 pm - 3 pm
Zip Codes served:  99001

East Central Food Bank
500 S. Stone
Spokane, WA   99202
(509) 868-0856

Other Services Offered:  Energy Assistance:  (509) 242-2376

By Appointment ONLY. 
Serving clients weekly.  Commodities once a month.   
Mon-Fri,  10 am - 4 pm
Zip Codes served:  99202; 99212 (west of Park Road)

211 N. Fir Street
Deer Park, WA   99006
(509)  276-8224

Other Services Offered:  GED & Skill Center, Counseling, Emergency Services, Thrift Store, Cooking Class

No Appointment Necessary.  Grocery Rescue 5 days/week. 
Serving clients 1 time per month, plus supplemental (perishable) as needed. 
Monday, Wed, Friday -  1 pm - 5 pm  (Monthly Boxes)
Tuesday, Thursday  - 10-2  (no boxes)

Zip Codes served:  99006 (Deer Park, Spokane County only), 99110 (Clayton, Spokane County only)

Life River Fellowship 
2810 N. Park Road
Spokane Valley, WA  99212
(509) 924-9510
Pastor Denny Klaja
3rd Thursday of each month, 10 am - 12 Noon

Mead Food Bank
12611 N. Wilson
Mead, WA   99021
(509) 466-7068

Other Services Offered: 
Clothing Bank

No Appointment Necessary. 
Serving clients 1 time every 30 days. 
Wednesday -  4 - 6:45 pm
Zip Codes served:  99005, 99021, 99218, 99208

Medical Lake Food Bank & Outreach

207 S. Washington
Medical Lake, WA   99022
(509) 299-3819 

Food Bank Hours:  Friday, 10 am - 12 Noon
                                 First Thursday evening:  5:30 - 6:30 pm
Other Services Offered:
  Friends for Children
Outreach:  Tuesday and Friday, 9:30 am - 2:00 pm

No Appointment Necessary
Serving clients 1 time per month.  Supplemental (perishable) as needed. 
Zip Codes served:  99004 (north of I-90), 99008 (Edwall, Spokane County only), 99022 (south of Thorpe), 99224 (south of Thorpe and north of I-90)

New Hope Ranch
(Food Bank located in the Connections Church)
2524 E. Queen
Spokane, WA   99208
Monday and Wednesday, 12 Noon - 2:00 pm

North County Food Bank
40015 N. Collins Road
Elk, WA   99009
(509) 292-2530

Other Services Offered: 
Partner with New Hope, Resource: 467-2900, Clothing, Financial services, and other (please call for specifics). 

Other Services Offered:  Energy Assistance, Farmers Market June-September, Cooking Class

No Appointment Necessary. 
Serving clients 1 time per month.  Supplemental (perishable) as needed. 
Monday - 11 am - 2 pm and Wednesday 9 am - Noon
2nd and 4th Wednesday:  6 - 8 pm
Zip Codes served:  99003 (Chattaroy), 99009 and 99156 (Elk)   North County Food Bank serves 99156, but only if they get their mail from the Elk post office.  People who live in Newport need to use an agency in Idaho.  The Newport Food Bank is located at 310 W Pine Street in Newport. 

Northeast Food Pantry
4001 N. Cook
Spokane, WA   99207
(509) 487-1114

By Appointment ONLY. 
Serving clients 1 time per month. 
Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  9:00 - 11 am and 1 - 3 pm
Tuesday:  1 - 3 pm and Thursday:  1 - 3 pm 
Zip Codes served:  99207 (east of Perry St.); 99217

Northwest Ecumenical Food Bank
3908 N. Driscoll Blvd (Garland & Driscoll)
Spokane, WA   99205
(509) 325-4541

No Appointment Necessary. 
Serving clients 1 time per month. 
2nd and last Tuesday of each month - 9:30 am - 12:30 pm 
Zip Codes served:  99026 (Nine Mile Falls, Spokane County only), 99205 (north of Montgomery, west of Division)

Opportunity Christian Fellowship
         12321 E. 14th Avenue
         Spokane Valley, WA
         (509) 926-2673
         Thursday and Friday, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Otis Orchards Food Bank
4308 N. Harvard Rd.
Otis Orchards, WA   99027
(509) 926-6196

Other Services Offered: 

No Appointment Necessary. 
Serving clients 1 time per month. 
1st and 3rd Monday, 12 Noon - 2 pm
All other days:  go to Spokane Valley Partners
Zip Codes served:  99019 (Liberty Lake), 99025 (Newman Lake), 99027 (Otis Orchards)

Our Place Food Bank
1509 W. College
Spokane, WA   99201
(509) 326-7267

Other Services Provided:  Clothing bank, Household items, Bus tokens, Free Laundry Center, Hygiene items, Emergency utility assistance with disconnect notice. 

No Appointment Necessary.
Serving clients 1 time per month. 
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 10 am - 12:30 pm
Zip Codes served:  99201 (north of the river), 99205 (south of Montgomery) 

Salvation Army Food Bank
204 E. Indiana
Spokane, WA   99207
(509) 325-6821   (message)

No Appointment Necessary.
Serving clients every 30 days.
Food bank recipients must bring photo ID and proof of address. 
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:  9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Walk-in:  Wednesday:  1:00 - 7:00 pm      
Saturday:  9 am - 1:00 pm 
Zip Codes served:  ALL Zip Codes in Spokane County, and then directing clients to proper food pantry. 
This overflow food bank is a client choice food bank, where families and individuals are allowed to choose the items they need the most and enjoy eating (as opposed to someone else selecting their food.)  Donations of all food are needed, especially protein, milk, eggs, peanut butter and meat products. 

Serve Spokane
8303 N. Division
Spokane, WA  99208

No Appointment Necessary.
Serving clients 2 times per month
2nd and 4th Saturday of the month: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Every Thursday: 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Zip Codes served:  99208

Southside Food Bank
2934 E. 27th Ave
Spokane, WA   99223
(509) 535-2301  (message)

No Appointment Necessary. 
Serving clients 12 times per year. 
Saturday: 10:30 - 12 Noon
Serves clients 12 times per year.
Zip Codes served:  99203, 99223, 99224 (south of I-90 to 195, east of Cheney-Spokane Rd and east of Sherman)

Spangle Community Church and Food Bank
Spangle Community Church
305 E. 2nd
Spangle, WA   99031
(509) 245-3362  (message)

No Appointment Necessary. 
Serving clients 1 time per month. 
4th Wed of the month:  2:00 - 3:00 pm
Zip Codes served:  99031 (Spangle), 99170 (Rosalia, Spokane County only)

Spokane Valley Partners
10814 E. Broadway
Spokane Valley, WA   99206
(509) 927-1153

Other Services Offered: 
Cooking class offered each Wednesday, Personal hygiene, Pet food, Easter and Holiday baskets, Homeless kits
No Appointment Necessary.  You  must have a number to access the Food Bank.  Numbers are provided at 7:45 am. 
Serving clients 1 time per month. 
Wednesday:  11 am - 4 pm 
Thursday is for Seniors and Handicapped.  By Appointment ONLY:  11 am - 1 pm  
Zip Codes served:  99012, 99015, 99016, 99018, 99023, 99030, 99033 (Spokane County only), 99036,  99037, 99039, 99206, 99212 (east of Park Road), 99213, 99214, 99216

St. Peter's Lutheran Church - Food Bank
4620 N. Regal
Spokane, WA   99207
(509) 487-4843
2nd and 4th Friday:  8 - 10:00 a.m.

Westminster Presbyterian Church Food Bank
2705 W. Boone
Spokane, WA   99201
(509) 329-0351   

No Appointments Necessary.
Serving clients every 30 days. 
Wednesday and Friday:  11 am - 1:45 pm
Zip Codes served:  99201 (north of the River and west of Monroe); 99205 (south of Montgomery and west of Monroe)

(This list was updated August 2015

(Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program)
(877) 501-2233   Washington's Office
(800) 562-6906   Recipient Fraud
(888) 436-6392   Retailer Fraud