Cooking Classes

The Kitchen
is Second Harvest's community kitchen,
set up to help teach low-income families to stretch their food dollar while eating healthy. 
  • Scratch cooking lessons
  • Recipe testing
  • Nutrition education
  • Cooking demonstrations, with fresh produce and the products you receive at the food bank.
  • Meal sampling
  • New cooking skills. 

These classes and demonstrations are designed to help promote health and wellness in our community. 

People who receive some of their food from a food bank or free meal site, or anyone who simply wants to learn to cook healthy and inexpensively, is invited to sign up for a cooking class.

To donate, volunteer, sign-up for a class, or learn more about The Kitchen, visit

The Kitchen at Second Harvest
1234 E. Front Avenue
Spokane, WA   99202
(509) 534-6678
Drew Meuer, Director of Kitchen Programs
(509) 252-6284
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