• Heroin is among the most addictive drugs, and it is difficult to detect.  Both heroin and prescription pain killers can be snorted, avoiding needle marks. 
  • A new generation of heroin users.  The explosion in prescription drug abuse ($80 a pill) in the last several years is leading to a new generation of adolescent heroin users who are largely young, middle-class and living in rural and suburban areas.  The user group has changed from the old time heroin user who was the guy on the street corner, to today's kids from the suburbs.  Heroin, which is both more affordable ($4.00 a hit), powerful and deadly, is used to satisfy the addiction to prescription drugs.  Heroin, an opiate made from the poppy plant, works on the body in the same way as many prescription drugs such as morphine and Oxycontin.

  • Kids are more apt to try the more potent drug heroin (which is several times more pure than the drugs coming into the country in the 1970s), because it can be snorted or smoked, rather than injected.
  • Heroin addicts have a lot of trouble staying clean, with some studies showing relapse rates as high as 75 percent after treatment.
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