Home Protection
  • Burglary is all about an opportunity—to get inside.
“Two-thirds of home burglaries happen during daytime hours. 
 Every 15 seconds, a home in the United States is broken into. 
July and August are the most popular months for burglaries. 
Most burglaries are crimes of opportunity—
burglars pick the easiest house, and wait for an opportunity—
an unlocked door, an open window.” 
(Angela Mickalide, Director of education and outreach for the National Home Safety Council)
  • Neighborhood E-lert System allows the Spokane Police Department to send specific emails to specific neighborhoods, to let residents know what crimes are occurring in your specific neighborhood.  (KHQ-News, Sept. 7, 2013) 

    The best crime prevention is awareness.  If we can make citizens aware, that is another tool to help the SPD fight crime.  (Monique Cotton, SPD Communications Director)
What You Can Do
  • Sign up to receive the Spokane Police Department's newsletter, press releases and crime trends in your neighborhood (as described above).  Go to http://www.SpokanePolice.org, and click on Sign up for Elert
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