Breast Cancer (IBC)

  • IBC is the most aggressive form of breast cancer.  IBC is a silent killer which every woman must learn about.  
  • IBC is a breast cancer which is not detected as a lump.  IBC is nests or sheets of cancer.  The cancer clogs breast tissue vessels.  A mammogram will not detect IBC; however, IBC is a cancer that can easily be seen by thermal imaging due to its inflammatory nature. 
  • Most women have never heard of IBC.  Often doctors will diagnose the symptom as an insect bite.  If this symptom does not disappear within one week, seek another opinion. The best way to detect IBC is with an MRI or a biopsy.  
  • Inflammatory Breast Cancer Symptoms:
Red area, similar to an insect bite
Rapid increase in breast size.
Skin hot to the touch
Persistent itching
Thickening of breast tissue
Inverted nipple

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