HELP Lines

911          EMERGENCY  - Crime In-Progress, or report suspicious activity.  If you are in
                 doubt as to whether an emergency response would be considered necessary,
                 err on the side of caution, and call. 

911          TEXT 911  -  when Spokane County citizens cannot safely make a phone call,
                or those who have hearing or speech disabilities... 
                Emergency ONLY...give location of emergency...
                Use simple words to ask help from police, fire, or medical help....
                This will NOT work while your phone is roaming. 

211         Directory to community resources. 
          838-4428         First Call for Help (emotional crisis)

                                  If your need is NOT urgent, contact your:

  • School Counselor (if you have school-age children)
  • Mental Health Counselor
  • Community Resource / Agency Case worker
  • Church Pastor

         456-2233          Crime Check 
- Non-emergency, to make a police report. 
                                      Report suspicious activity - a possible crime.
                                      Report online at

477-5980          Spokane City Police Dept. - Help line

477-2240          Spokane County Sheriff's Office
- Front desk
                           M-F    8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (excluding holidays)

477-6044          Sheriff's Crime Prevention Deputies (non-city)

                         Sheriff's Crime Prevention Office - Valley
                         Spokane Valley Mall, 2nd level, west side of the mall.
                         M-F   9 am - 8 pm

532-9266          Sheriff's Crime Reporting Center

477-3352          Sheriff's Office Traffic Unit

456-4100          Washington State Patrol


Police Departments

625-4083         Spokane City Police Department
         625-4150         Spokane Police Traffic Safety   
477-3300         Spokane Valley Police - Front desk  
        8 am - 5 pm (excluding holidays) 


 Child Abuse
          911          Abuse Emergency

363-3550          CPS - Child Protective Services
(Spokane County)                          
    8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m./M-F,
    After Hours:  (800) 562-5624 after 4:30 p.m.
    Free Intake:  1-800-557-9671
    TTY:  (509) 363-3567

(866) 363-4276          Washington State's End Harm.  If you suspect child abuse, they will take a report
                                   over the phone from you, and get the detailed information they need
                                   to begin an investigation. 

(800) 422-4453          The National Child Abuse Hotline:  (1-800-4-A-CHILD)

535-3155           Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery


477-6929          Abandoned Vehicles

         911           Abuse Emergency

835-4572          Block Watch  

          211           Call to find Social Services, such, housing, employment, health care, counseling,
shelters, transportation, rent or utility assistance, legal help, etc.  They connect                               your needs to local resources.  Free and confidential information.  Call:  M-F, 8am - 5 pm
                              People outside of the Spokane area:  1-(866)-904-9060.

477-6914          Case Screening (to check the status of a report you made)  

838-6596          Crosswalk (Homeless teen shelter)

456-2233          Crime Check  - Non-emergency, to make a police report.

835-4572          Crime Free Multi-Housing (training for multi-housing management)  

477-2592          Crime Prevention Center (call for in-home security assessment)
327-5111           Crime Stoppers of the Inland Northwest.  Help law enforcement solve crimes. 
          Receive a cash reward if the information you provide leads to the solution of a crime, an
          arrest, or a grand jury indictment of a felony offender.  1-800-222-TIPS

477-2274           Crime Victim Service Center

326-2255           Domestic Violence Crisis Line (YWCA)

353-2964            Drug Enforcement Administration

477-4778            Drug Tips - Investigative Support Unit (to report a drug house/tip)

747-5195            FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

838-4428            FIRST CALL for Help - 24 / 7
                              Spokane County Crisis Intervention and Community Information
                              Services.  Call for immediate assistance to people in emotional crisis - domestic
                              violence, relationship problems, domestic violence, substance abuse, thoughts of
                              suicide, emergency shelter information, food or transportation, deaf and hard of
                              hearing resources, elder relative resources, grief, pregnancy.  A program of Frontier
                              Behavioral Health (formerly Spokane Mental Health)                      

477-5980            Law Enforcement Help Line

477-4778            Narcotics Office - Call to report a suspected Meth lab in Spokane County.  

747-8224            SAFeT Response Center
(help for victims of trauma and abuse)    
624-7273            24-hour Sexual Assault Crisis Line
624-7273            24-hour Crime Victim Crisis Line                  

327-5111            Secret Witness, PO Box 1205, Spokane, WA  99210 

624-7273            Sexual Assault Crisis
Line   ( 24/7 Crisis Services )

835-4592            Spokane C.O.P.S. (Community Oriented Policing Service)

477-3053            Spokane County Explorer Search and Rescue, Email:

477-3787            Spokane County Regional Domestic Violence Consortium

242-8477            Tip-Line.  Anonymous Spokane Police Department phone line to report any crime that is
                               NOT an emergency, such as possible drug activity, gang activity, domestic violence,
                               abuse, fraud, theft, etc.  (509) 242-TIPS   An officer will call back to verify information
                               and forward the complaint to the appropriate department within 24 hours; however, after
                               the person has reported and verified the complaint, the caller can remain anonymous.
           477-3222            Traffic Hotline - Spokane County
477-3350             Traffic Hotline - Spokane Valley

622-5885             Vacation Home Check.  Call to arrange for volunteers to watch your home at no charge
                               while you are away.  By giving your name, address, when you will be gone, and who is
                               authorized to be on the premises, you will be assured two volunteers will periodically
                               monitor your home.  Call at least 2 days before you leave.  There is a 21-day limit.  Not
                               available for duplexes or apartments.   

Local Organizations