POLICE Departments

Airway Heights Police Department

1208 S. Lundstrom St,
Airway Heights, WA
(509) 244-3707

Cheney Police Department
215 “G” St
Cheney, WA  99004
(509) 498-9235
(509) 235-6235

Deer Park Police Department
(509) 275-8777
City of Deer Park Sheriff's Office
(509) 276-2710

Liberty Lake Police Department
22710 E. Country Vista Dr,
Liberty Lake, WA   99019
(509) 755-1140

Medical Lake Police Department
S. 124 Lefevre
Medical Lake, WA   99022-0369
(509) 299-5122
(509) 565-5003

Spokane Police Department
Public Safety Building
1100 W. Mallon 
Spokane, WA    99201-2004
(509) 625-4083

Spokane Valley Police Department
10621 E. 15th Ave
Spokane Valley, WA   99206
M-F, 8-4 p.m.
(509) 477-2502
(509) 477-3300 (Police Business)

  • The FBI reported the number of police officers killed in the line of duty:  51 killed in 2014 (most by gunfire, an increase of 89% from the year before).  (Scott Pelley, CBS Evening News reporter, May 11, 2015)

What You Can Do
  • Coffee with a Cop is a program aimed at improving community relations.  Since 2011 in Charleston, South Carolina, cops have coffee with citizens.  The conversation is simple - sitting down over coffee with no agenda, just talking to people.  There is a divisiveness in society between police and the community.  This program changes the mindset of “us versus them.”  There are days when officers will handle 20-30 911 calls in one shift, which doesn’t leave a lot of down time to connect and talk to people at your normal mini-mart.  Cops can go an entire day without having a calm conversation with anyone, even an entire week.  Few people ever talk to cops.  “A lot of people are afraid; they don’t trust police; and talking to them makes them a little more human.  They are people just like you and I.”  Officers are asked to take coffee breaks to take the time to talk to the people.  The people come to see the cops as neighbors and stake holders in the same community.  The Coffee with a Cop program is funded by the Division of the Dept. of Justice, and is now part of 650 law enforcement agencies in 47 states.  Charleston police have adopted the program as a regular part of their community outreach, to establish a relationship and bond so the community becomes stronger and they will have the trust in their police to tell them what is going on.

    CBS news reporter Gayle King then remarked, “FBI Director James Comey said in a recent interview that it is hard to hate somebody close up.  This is a perfect example of that.”   (Coffee with a Cop, CBS This Morning, February 16, 2015)

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