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The website was prepared with the intention to serve the needs in Spokane County, Washington. This website claims the right and authority to approve or reject all organizations and information submitted for inclusion therein.

Spokane Cares, Inc. has presented over 1,000 pages of data from various sources.  Due to the constant flow of knowledge which flows from unlimited sources, it is very difficult to determine the original source of all information.  Every effort has been made to give credit when possible.

The world is full of people who are happy to share information while standing in lines at the grocery store, sitting in waiting rooms, relaxing on an airplane, or eating with friends and family.  May we never cease to share and gather knowledge and wisdom from one another.

The individual organizations are responsible to provide their own accurate, updated information.  Every effort has been made to make this website as accurate as possible.  However, there may be errors, both typographical and in content; organizations may disband without our knowledge; statistics and scientific studies which are constantly evolving are subject to change; opinions of experts and professionals may vary; and website addresses may change without notice.

Neither Spokane Cares, Inc. nor any director, officer or employee of said corporation shall be liable for any losses caused by reliance on the accuracy of the information provided.  The information on this website should not be considered a substitute for professional or legal advice.  Any person who relies on the information obtained from this site does so at his/her own risk.

Spokane Cares, Inc. does not attempt to tell the viewer what to think or do, but merely what the viewer may want to consider

We encourage all viewers to...

  • Use this data as a general guide only, not as the ultimate source.
  • Seek professional advice when needed.
  • Expand your knowledge by personally researching topics of interest to you.
  • Contact specific organizations before beginning a service project for them.