Porn Destroys Lives and Families

  • Porn shatters lives as it promotes adultery, destroys jobs, relationships, marriages and families.  There is a common thread of anger and impatience on the part of the person involved in porn—the anger is directed at the wife and oftentimes the children.  
  • Porn destroys marriages.   Porn addiction brings porn images into the marriage and creates unreal expectations, inhibits true intimacy, and deadens the male response to real women and natural relationships.  A husband addicted to porn will lose his capability to love and respect his wife; and as his wife becomes boring to him, he will lose the real intimacy and real love in that relationship.  He will always be looking for the higher high, which is unattainable.  No spouse can compete with the Internet at that level of stimulation.  Porn use is a form of infidelity, as it introduces a 3rd party into the marriage.  The addict’s wife will eventually know of the addiction and feel betrayed, and the marriage will often end in divorce.  The addict often loses both his wife and his children. 

  • Porn addiction can have a long-lasting, devastating effect on you, your family, and society in general.  Porn can cause severe depression, low self-worth, guilt, shame, anxiety disorders, financial problems, loss of employment, inability to form lasting relationships, inability to deal with sexual abuse issues, intense criticism of actual relationships, break-up in marriage, lying chronically to the people they love, and lead to criminal charges. 

  • Teach your children, teenagers, and young adult children that pornography will work against everything that is beautiful and sacred about sexuality.  

  • An estimated 47% of families in the U.S. report that pornography is a problem in their home.  (Focus on the Family Poll, October 1, 2003; National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families, 2013) 
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