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What Successful Schools are Doing
What Successful Schools are Doing

Providence St. Mel School

  • For 29 years in a row, 100% of Providence’s Senior Class has gone to college!   Providence S. Mel is giving children a quality education to break the cycle of poverty, fear, chaos, and racism in order to improve their lives and this country.  http://www.theprovidenceeffect.com/quotes.html  
"Providence St. Mel is one of the most profound educational achievements in the nation. The school uses the entire day as a learning experience for the young people. They all end up going to college - which is unbelievable. But, they have a serious code of discipline, students come to learn..., they enter into a relationship that says – you will adhere to our practices, we will teach you, provide educational opportunities for you and you will learn."    Congressman Danny K. Davis, US House of Representatives

"I believe the experience at Providence St. Mel shows every child can learn.  If we can replicate the achievement and changes at this one school, we could change the face of American education and America itself."   (The Honorable Roy Barnes, Former Governor of Georgia and Co-Chair, Commission on No Child Left Behind)

Cristo-Rey Jesuit High School
  • Every senior gets into college.   Cristo-Rey Jesuit High School is located in Chicago, giving underprivileged kids a chance they never thought they would get. 

    The high school collaborates with the business community.  Each student spends 4 days in the classroom, and one day working in the offices of a corporate partner.  The business partner picks up most of the $12,000 tuition/year and gets a dedicated worker in the deal.  

    Christ-Rey pioneered the Corporate Work Study Program model for inner-city education that has inspired a national network of 28 schools serving low-income communities throughout the country.   (Lesson in Success, Dean Reynolds, CBS News, June 12, 2014)  (also profiled on 60 Minutes)

    Eagle Academy

  • The Eagle Academy for young men is a success story for inner kids.  The Academy was created to make a difference in the Black / Latino community.  The Eagles Academy is a system of 6 schools open to grades 6-12.  These all boys schools are changing the lives of at risk youth.  A group of 100 black men created the program in 2004.  The schools are strategically placed in high crime areas i New York Burroughs and New Jersey. 

    Many of today’s urban youth get caught in a vicious cycle that has only 2 potential outcomes - either prison or death.  They get caught up in fights, crime and gangs.  67% of black children in America grow up in a single parent home. 

    The Academy is changing lives.  It helps young men understand what it takes for the light to go on - for them to believe in themselves.  Structure and discipline is provided which many of the boys have never had.  Students wear uniforms.  Each boy is paired with a mentor from the community.  School days are longer to avoid idle time on the streets.  There are no girls there, which is a huge distraction, so they can remain focused on school.

    The average number of black and Latino boys to graduate high school in New York City is about 50%.  It is 78% at Eagle Academy, with 100% getting accepted into college.   There is much greatness which lies within these young men of color.  With the right direction, they can soar.  These schools give these young men an alternative to life on the streets.  Eagle Academy desires to replicate these schools across the country.   (Eagles Soar, CBS This Morning, January 21, 2015)